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ฝรั่ง - Farang - Falang

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Re: ฝรั่ง - Farang - Falang

Postby Bankholiving » Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:32 pm

Never found it to be used in any derogatory way. It's all in falang own mind

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Re: ฝรั่ง - Farang - Falang

Postby Baucent » Fri Apr 15, 2016 3:59 pm

"Never found it to be used in any derogatory way..."

That's my experience though I agree it could be. Mostly the usage of "farang" by Thai is for lack of another word. Among the uneducated Thai, white skinned people are farang as that's the word (I wonder if there is even an Isaan word for "khon dang pratet"). They have no knowledge of the subgroups of nations and cultures that may all look more or less the same. So context of the usage is important. It's pretty obvious if someone is trying to be insulting, even if you have a limited understanding of Thai.
As to the origin of the word it seems fairly certain it relates to the word for France or French people, as they were the most commonly met white folks 150 years ago due to presence in Cambodia and Laos. So even today in Thai the country of France is "farangseht" and in Cambodia the locals will refer to a white person as a "barang".The other question of why it is pronounced as "falang" sometimes I think may be a dialect issue. Isaan speakers often switch "rhor rua" for "lor ling". There are many words this is done with. Sometimes if a Thai assumes you do not speak any Thai they speak over you and refer to "the farang". My solution is to introduce myself, give them my name so there really is no excuse not to use it. That would be advice, if "farang" irritates you, give them your name.

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